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Postman Arvid
the dance
The sculptor
Stonemason olsson
anna the flowergirl

Källförteckning; Solna hembygdsförening. Ett svunnet solna, Hagman AB Stockholm 1989. 

Martina childrens-hospital

Martina childrens-hospital is located on Valhallavagen in Stockholm. It was built in 2008. My assignment was to create: on Level one: theme jungle. on Level two: theme space.

The decorations consisted of murals and signs to examination-rooms and -halls.

In addition to my paintings, Umbilical Design, contributed with a replica of a spaceship. Also astronaut Christer Fuglesang donated documentary footage from his trip to ISS (Internatinal Space Station).

Preschool - learn
"Preschool Lär"

Make a mural for our storytelling corner. That was my mission for preschool-LEARN in Stockholm. They wanted the possibility to imagination, knowledge, and a lot of animals! The painting was called "Under the Same Sky" and is a traditionally structured painting with many details to stay and immerse themselves in.


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