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The movies i´d gladly watch again:

In the mood for love

Regi: Wong Kar-wai


Regi : Yōjirō Takita

Yttersta domen

Regi : Tarkovski

The Piano

Regi: Jane Campion.


Sound of Music 

Regi : Robert Earl Wise





on the plane, on the sofa, in bed.


Film is still at it´s best in cinema.

Where the movie becomes a total experience unlike anything else. I come out of the dark room and feel satisfied and have seen worlds that I had never before visited. I have traveled and gained new understanding. Laughing and / or crying.

I have been to the cinema and seen a super movie. Become inspired.



Artists, who gave insight and understanding, laughter and learning. In periods I live with them. Paste the walls full. Speaks with them. 

"The soul never thinks without a picture."                                                   


Painters I enjoy:



Lucian Freud

​Meret Oppenhiem

Dick Bengtsson

Shirin Neshat

Albrecht Durer

Min Pappa Armand Rossander


A books life
is often just as shifted and winding as a persons.
Where ever I am, I visit the public library.
To hold a book in hand, to reflect on its purpose, what it is intended for and who it is meant for, is inspiring.
Books are more than words, more than the story, more than its contents.
Cover, fonts, illustrations, distinctive, thought-out and worn out after years of use.

I like a lot and here are a few off the shelf:

Martguerite Duras, Wiliam Blake, Swedenborg


Photographers I like;

Mary Ellen Mark

Annie Leibovitz

Andre Kertesz

Eugen Atget

Sune Jonsson

"The aspects of an image

appears in the "pure" reading, conditioned by the viewer's cultural baggage

and knowledge. This what Barthes call a "polite" interest, a sense-driven reading of the image that places it
in a historical, cultural context. "Studium".

Its dialectical counterpart, punctum, is not the result of an analysis. There is nothing that viewer scans. Punctum is something in the picture looking up, "hits" and "offend" the viewer, like a slap in the face. This attack is also not possible formulate or analyze. As Barthes writes, "that I can name can not really see me. '"


"The light room." Barthes R. (1986) (Alfabeta 2006)

Music I like;

Laurie Anderson 
David Sylivan
Allan Pettersson 
Bellini, Vincenzo 
Miles Davis

Diego el Cigala
Hildegard af Bingen

Richard Wagners Ringcykel; Das Rheingold, Die Walküre, Siegfried och Götterdämmerung. 


”There is nothing more difficult than talking about music"          

Camille Saint-Saens

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