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What´s it like to live in a caravan? My curiosity started to grow. The caravan became a starting point..










In 2011 I painted a series of paintings which depicts a place that I really enjoy very much. Later that year, I hung some of them there!

black and white
my place of birth


My place of birth.

After a long time I returned there. Öland. Segerstad. 


Weeks of classical painting, sketching out in nature. The lighthouse nearby. The work-chair standing on the fossilized shoreline. The beautiful remainder that tells the stories from a landscape that existed here millions of years ago. 


The birds chattering. The pair of eagles souring in the sky. Ravens sitting on alvaret. Rhythmically wandering farm-animals, on the meadow.


The place where i always want to be.

In connection with a televised fundraising gala in 1998. I developed The Heart-Lung Foundation heart-pins.
Each year, a prominent person was to create a new pin.
A small pin for a great cause:
To raise money for cardiac research. 
It has been steadily grown since it was founded. The dream was fulfilled, and every year, still! A new heartpin is made for sixth-graders to sell. Almost two decades later my red pin is still being sold and popular.
The first five the pins were designed by me (Maja Braun). Since then pins have been created by Eva Funck, Måns Zelmerlöw, Andreas Johnson, Charlotte Perrelli, Mojje, Hans Alfredson, Ilon Wikland, Siw Malmkvist and Prince Carl Philip, Etc.

The heart as a biological pump and its symbolic value was something that life forced me to process. The result was a very successful collaboration with the Cardiac-Lung Foundation, which lasted a long time. That way, I have had the privilege to contribute. The last exhibition with the theme of the heart took place in 2008.

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